Introduction to Stress Therapy using L.I.F.E System Biofeedback or Energy Medicine


L.I.F.E System Biofeedback Stress Balance TherapWelcome to Stress Balance Therapy in San Diego!

At Stress Balance Therapy, we use L.I.F.E System Biofeedback or Energy Medicine to naturally reduce stress.


The L.I.F.E System is an advanced electro-physiological Biofeedback device that helps to reduce stress and to increase muscle relaxation. It was designed to stimulate the body to heal itself, with symptom reduction as a secondary priority using energy medicine. Although initial symptoms can be reduced, the purpose of the stress therapy is to prevent the underlying cause from progressing further with true natural healing. The body has an unconscious regulatory system that is aware of the underlying problem that causes interference in energy flow. And as such, we need to start the healing process using and interface with our unconscious mind.


L.I.F.E System Biofeedback Stress Balance TherapThe L.I.F.E System Biofeedback stress therapy is the method for this interface from which we can access this information. The machine uses that information to balance the electrical energies in the body. This will lead to long-term symptom reduction and better overall health.
The healing process is painless, stress free, and can be quite enjoyable!


Please come and visit our business office located in centralized San Diego.
Experience our natural treatment focused on stress therapy and muscle relaxation therapy using a painless state of the art L.I.F.E System biofeedback device.

Relieve your physical and emotional stress using natural healing via energy medicine!




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